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Language expertise, specialised knowledge, technical terminology

In order to ensure that your texts in a foreign language will have exactly the effect that you intended, we use specialised translators who are highly qualified both linguistically and in terms of technical language and who are familiar with the technical terms in the field both in the source and target languages.

Our translators are all native speakers. We work with more than 10.000 translators around the world. And the majority of them have completed training at a professional academy or technical school in addition to completing a degree in translation or a foreign language.

We have specialised translators for all fields. In all languages and dialects.

"In the rapidly changing world of global communications, speed and reliability are very important to us and our domestic and international customers. With Lingua-World, we have a partner at our side who also strives to meet our high demand for quality and flexibility."

Brita Segger CEO PR-Agentur Society Relations
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