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The rate for your translation depends upon the level of difficulty of your text: Is your text written in standard language? Or does it contain many technical terms? Or does it contain very specific technical terminology? Is your corporate wording to be followed in the translation?

An individual quote:
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We will save text passages and their translations in a database using a CAT translation tool. If the text appears again, the translation tool will automatically propose the appropriate translation to the translator. This facilitates consistency in terms of terminology and it makes the translation process faster and cheaper for you.

Examples of our prices for selected language combinations

  • German » English € 0.13 per word
  • German » Russian € 0.12 per word
  • German » Chinese € 0.15 per word
  • English » Japanese € 0.20 per word
  • English » Arabian € 0.16 per word
  • Spanish » English € 0.13 per word

All prices are subject to VAT.

The rates include two proofreading stages: in the first stage, a second specialised translator checks the translation for accuracy and then in the second stage, the proofreader checks the text in terms of language and style.

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