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Translations and specialist translations by qualified specialist translators

In addition to linguistic knowledge, a specialist translator also needs to have a good knowledge of the subject and the specialist terminology of the field in both the original and target languages. Lingua-World employs translators world-wide specialized in every imaginable field of expertise. The translators working for Lingua-World have received qualified training from specialist academies or technical colleges or have completed a degree in foreign languages.

What makes Lingua-World's translation offices special
In order to guarantee the highest quality technical translations, we only employ native speakers as translators and interpreters at Lingua-World. Native speakers smooth out the differences in thought patterns between language cultures throughout the entire translation process so that the effect on the reader remains as the original author intended. In addition to excellent linguistic knowledge of both the original and target languages, the specialist translators at Lingua-World GmbH also have a good knowledge of their respective subject and the specialist terminology that goes along with it.

Fields of Activity:

Translation of business documents

  • General correspondences, quotations, assessments
  • Reference letters, certificates of employment, employment records
  • Balance sheets, business reports, meeting minutes, financial statements
  • Patent specifications
  • Technical data
  • Product descriptions and maintenance instructions
  • Guidelines
  • General terms and conditions

Translation of technical documents

  • User manuals, instruction manuals / instructions for use
  • Technical manuals, work manuals and software
  • Safety guidelines
  • Training documents

Specialist translation of legal documents

  • Contracts, certificates
  • Legal texts
  • Court orders and court records 
  • Penalty orders and arrest warrants 
  • Rogatory letters and forms
  • Interrogation reports, indictments

Specialist translation of medical documents

  • Literature for medical professionals
  • Dissertations
  • Package inserts
  • Forms
  • Medical reports

Translation of marketing materials

  • Advertising texts
  • Press releases, reports, interviews
  • Catalogues, flyers and image brochures
  • Homepages / Websites
  • Professional articles
  • PowerPoint presentations

Translation of private documents and record

  • Application documents
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Literary texts

Fast implementation, absolute adherence to deadlines, quick, flexible activities and non-disclosure of all data, as well as the exclusive employment of native speakers are our trademarks. A comprehensive needs assessment ensures the quality of the individual service package. Our highly qualified team will stand by your side.

As a special service, we offer you the completion of a trial translation. In this way, you can be assured of our competency as a translation agency for specialist translation in all specialist areas before you ever even place an order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide you with comprehensive information.

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