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Simultaneous Interpreting

Whether negotiations are proving to be tough and drawn out, or whether you’re on the threshold of a great and exciting moment, our simultaneous interpreters work with equal concentration and care to make sure everyone understands every word. They know the ins and outs of the legal, commercial or scientific issues on the agenda.

And they can even provide an appropriate off-the-cuff translation of a play on words, because they are able to express themselves at native-speaker level in at least two of the conference languages.

From Afrikaans to Zulu, for Augsburg, Berlin, Stuttgart or Zeven: simultaneous interpreters for your conferences and conventions

The world is growing more connected and as it does so, the need to understand each other on a more than superficial level is increasing. Simple hearing becomes willing listening, the transmission of texts becomes the interpretation of living words, from language arises the contact, the contract, the agreement that was fought for so long.

Chinese in Berlin, English ↔ German in Hamburg, Turkish in Munich or Russian in Cologne – our simultaneous interpreters hear, translate and speak fluently and with clear pronunciation. At meetings in Stuttgart and conferences around the world, for live transmissions or events that will be talked about in the public arena for a long time to come.

Equipment and advice for simultaneous interpreting/remote simultaneous interpreting and for your convention or conference

To make sure that simultaneous interpreting (often also referred to as simultaneous translating) goes without a hitch, you need the right conference equipment, which you can book as an option from Lingua-World. If the participants need to be able to move around, for example if a tour of an exhibition or a factory visit is on the agenda, we recommend the use of portable tour guide systems with wireless headphones so that everyone involved can move around easily and follow the translation.

More information on remote interpreting ...

If the meeting is being held in one place, the simultaneous interpreters are usually given a place in an interpreting booth. For longer conferences, at least two simultaneous interpreters should be booked so that they can alternate. This not only improves performance but also provides a monitoring function, as it’s well known that four ears hear better than two.

To get the greatest benefit from booking your simultaneous interpreters, let them know what they should prepare for ahead of your convention or conference. Although at Lingua-World we only ever provide you with interpreters who are familiar with your subject matter, it is still necessary for the language professional to prepare for the simultaneous interpreting assignment by updating their knowledge and vocabulary, particularly for difficult or specialist topics.

Simultaneous interpreting or dialogue interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreters or simultaneous translators are called for whenever speeches need to be translated in front of a large audience. The more participants there are speaking at an event, the more important it is that what they say is not translated afterwards, but synchronously, otherwise the event would become painfully long. And sign language interpreters also come under the category of simultaneous translation.

However, if you are planning a small meeting or negotiation and only two languages are required for translation, we recommend that you book a dialogue interpreter. These specialists use quite different translation techniques. You can read about the finer differences between dialogue interpreters, simultaneous interpreters and sworn interpreters under each of the relevant menu items. Simply click on the corresponding sub-menu to find out more.

Simultaneous interpreters with experience and personal aptitude

In addition to the linguistic and cognitive skills required of a simultaneous interpreter, it is their personal characteristics that distinguish them. Diligence, the ability to work under pressure, neutrality, an excellent general education and appropriate appearance are what make up a perfect simultaneous interpreter. Our freelance employees are also flexible in terms of working hours and always prepared to travel.

What can we do for you?

The best way to book a simultaneous interpreter with a distinct feel for language and proven expertise for a nationwide or worldwide assignment is to contact our Lingua-World translation agencies directly. Simply use our contact form or send us your requirements via email. We are happy to provide you with comprehensive assistance!


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