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Specialised translations by qualified translators

Lingua-World is one of the leading language service providers, processing several thousand translations/specialised translations a year, and working for many renowned companies around the world. The language expertise required is offered in over 180 languages for any specialised field or industry imaginable.

Their team of experts is made up of more than 10,000 accredited, specialised translators who work exclusively in their native language. They have attained comprehensive knowledge of the respective industry during their university studies or vocational training. This is how Lingua-World ensures that the different ways of thinking between the language cultures are evened out while texts are being translated and that the meaning as well as the correct wording is retained. Using two specialised translators during quality checks (principle of double-checking) and using intelligent translation technologies guarantee fast workflows with high quality at fair market prices.

As an agency for specialised translations, Lingua-World also offers  real 24-hour service!

A member of the expert team is available around the clock. See the high level of quality of our specialised translations for yourself.

An overview of the most important specialist fields

  • plant engineering and construction
  • drive engineering
  • automation technology
  • automobile technology
  • automotive
  • banking and finance
  • government agencies
  • biotechnology
  • chemistry
  • printing technology
  • electrical engineering
  • emissions technology
  • power engineering
  • event management
  • aviation technology
  • materials handling technology
  • building services engineering
  • hardware
  • industry
  • information technology
  • engineering
  • nuclear engineering
  • air-conditioning technology
  • communications
  • communications technology
  • power plant construction
  • crane technology
  • cooling technology
  • plastics engineering
  • culture
  • laboratory technology
  • agricultural machinery
  • ventilation technology
  • marketing
  • market research
  • mechanical engineering
  • medicine
  • measurement engineering
  • mobile communications technology
  • engine manufacturing
  • nanotechnology
  • navigation technology
  • network engineering
  • optical engineering
  • pharmaceuticals
  • process technology
  • public relations
  • law
  • control engineering
  • robotics
  • sanitary engineering
  • cutting technology
  • welding engineering
  • software
  • solar technology
  • taxation
  • road-building machines
  • systems technology
  • engineering
  • telecommunications
  • tourism
  • environmental engineering
  • business consultancy
  • process engineering
  • packaging technology
  • insurance
  • heat engineering
  • water technology
  • tool design and construction
  • wind energy technology
  • advertising
  • auditing

An overview of your benefits

  • Team of experts made up of accredited specialist translators
  • 24-hour hotline!
  • Expertise through their knowledge of specialised fields
  • Over 10,000 native speakers with a degree in languages working as specialist translators
  • Fast response and processing times for inquiries
  • Process-oriented quality management
  • Quality checks by 2 specialist translators for revision purposes

Are you looking for experts for specialised translations?

Lingua-World has them  - regardless of whether you need translations for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian or any of the other 180 languages and unusual dialects! Contact them here.

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