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Localization – think global, act local

Translation is one thing, localization is better

Operating globally is a crucial success factor for your company because markets are becoming more and more global. Your customers also want to be able to buy your products at the other end of the world or use your services in every corner of the world. Furthermore, new business partners insist that you are represented on their continent.

You need more than well-translated texts to be successful internationally. Your website, your software and your documents will only work abroad if they are in line with the national characteristics and cultural requirements of your target groups. We call this localization.

"Our collaboration with Lingua-World can be summed up in three words:
fast, straightforward and specialised. Translating for the very unique IT field isn't a strength that everyone has. We feel that we are in good hands with Lingua-World, and for this reason, we really enjoy working with the team in Frankfurt."

Elvira Özüpekce, Marketing Managerin Giegerich & Partner

If you want to place your products or services in a new market, you will be guided by the needs and wishes of your target group. That is your expertise. If you want to cross national borders in the process, it is best to give us a call. We will localize your offer for you.

We are good at it because we not only know the linguistic requirements in the respective countries and markets, but also the specific local customs and expectations of the people there. What matters is if your message is well-received. This is why localization (L10n) has always been part of the message for us.

Even what is seen as structured and consistent may be different from country to country, not to mention the persuasive power of images. And all the treacherous small details like dates, quantities and measurement units ... your communication is meant to be effective. That's why we pay attention to all the details when localizing.

Translations for the information technology sector

  • Software translations 
  • Software localizing 
  • Translations of websites
  • Localizing of websites
  • Specialist translations of commercial and legal documents
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