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Court-certified interpreters

Making sure everything is done by the book: sworn interpreters for authorities and legal proceedings from Lingua-World.

The job title of “interpreter” is not protected in Germany, which means that anyone who is more or less proficient in foreign languages can offer their services on the free market. It’s a different matter when the interpreting takes place within the scope of official proceedings or police/court investigations. Only skilled professionals who have had to prove their subject-specific, linguistic and personal suitability and are therefore authorised to bear the title of “sworn” or “publicly appointedinterpreter/translator are selected for such assignments.

Swearing-in is necessary alone by virtue of the fact that matters often come up with authorities or in court that require confidentiality from all those present. As such, the language professionals not only need to be adept in their field, they also need to possess a certain degree of personal integrity. What is more, in court or during a police interrogation the translator needs to be intimately familiar with the terminology, as the slightest translation error could have dramatic consequences.

Last but not least, authorities and courts are obliged to ensure that those involved are able to understand everything discussed. The presence of a sworn interpreter is therefore indispensable, especially when it comes to court hearings or trials involving non-German speakers or when refugees and migrants with little knowledge of the language are being heard or questioned.

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Finding a court interpreter to translate for you in court who meets all the formal requirements in terms of training and experience is no easy task in a federally structured country like Germany. This is because ultimately, the law applicable in the federal state in which the court proceedings are taking place applies. That means that you have to find an interpreter who is sworn or publicly appointed and also has the required language combinations.

Of course, personal characteristics are just as important in a court interpreter as their skills. Trust, good contact on an equal footing and respect determine not only the relationship between the lawyer and the defendants or persons to be heard; ideally, the chemistry should also be right with the court interpreter.

It is also important for the court interpreter to have already taken a preliminary oath at least once, which usually proves their suitability for interpreting in court.

Court interpreters from Lingua-World possess all of these qualities. They translate into and out of all languages and have thorough legal training so that they can translate even difficult legal terminology accurately. They work with discretion and confidentiality and are as personally adept as they are professionally competent. Simply send us your request along with the location of the court so that we can select the right court translator for you.

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Whether a witness statement needs to be translated into English, Turkish, Arabic or French or whether contact is scheduled with an authority in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart – when things get official and you need the help of an interpreter, you shouldn’t choose just any language professional. If you are employed by a state authority yourself, this duty of care is even more important, as embarrassing mistakes can only be avoided with the help of experienced sworn interpreters.

Just what it means when mistakes are made in such situations became clear in July 2019, when proceedings had to be interrupted in a murder case at Bremen district court because the assigned interpreter spoke Kurdish and not Turkish, as was required. (1)

At Lingua-World, we only employ native speakers as interpreters who are intimately familiar with the finer points of the language they are translating to or from. We cater to all global languages as well as many smaller languages and dialects. Our sworn interpreters are also obliged to maintain confidentiality and neutrality.

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Selecting a suitable and qualified specialist interpreter for your requirements and languages is uncomplicated with our contact form. Alternatively, send us an email so that you can contact us 24 hours a day and easily request our services even in urgent cases.

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(1) Source: https://www.weser-kurier.de/bremen/bremen-stadt_artikel,-prozess-am-bremer ...

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