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Specialist translations in Law: Certified legal translations by professionals

Official/notarial certified legal specialist translations by sworn and court-appointed translators

Laws and treaties are realised differently around the world. 
The translation of legal documents demands absolute professionalism on the part of the specialist translator, as ambiguous or inexact formulations are impermissible. In addition to the exact linguistic translation of the original language, it is also necessary that the legal specialist translator is well-versed in the legal systems of both the country of origin and the intended legal market. Lingua-World has access to a global network of highly qualified, native-speaking and court-appointed translators and interpreters for competent and certified specialist translations in the field of law.

As highly qualified, court-appointed translators, interpreters, and registered lawyers, the legal specialist translators at Lingua-World have an excellent understanding of the technical as well as linguistic subtleties in both the original and target languages. Certified legal translations are done only by legally sworn-in translators who were appointed by the Ministry of Justice.

Certified translations in the specialist field of law

  • Production of officially certified translations by authorised translators (Authorised by the respective regional High Court)
  • Legal translation of court rulings, court papers, and claims statements
  • Certified translation, including notarisation and legalisationSpecialist translation of letters rogatory, legal forms, and legal transcripts
  • Legal specialist translation of penalty orders and arrest warrants
  • Specialist translation of legal texts or legislative documents
  • Legal specialist translation of business documents – balance sheets, business reports, and patent specifications
  • Translations of contracts, forms, and certifications
  • Court interpreting – specialist interpreters interpret before the court
  • Certified specialist translations for the field of law in all languages.

Specialist translations in law – For Lingua-World this means the production of certified translations of documents and certificates suitable to be presented to authorities and courts in Germany and around the world. They will be certified, and upon request notarised, legalised, etc., by court-certified translators.

How does Lingua-World ensure legally "exact" translations?

Every legal system invokes its own philosophy of law, justice, morality, and ideals. The Roman legal principle, on which German law is also based, distinguishes for example distinguishes itself in several crucial ways from the American system (“case law”).  Not only verdicts, but also court policies are impacted by these differences. Lingua-World guarantees correct legal specialist translations – identical content in both translated and original texts.

Fields of law for legal specialist translations from Lingua-World

  • Labour law
  • Foreign trade legislation
  • Building law
  • EU law
  • Family law
  • Anti-trust law
  • Tax law
  • Criminal law
  • Traffic law
  • Insurance law
  • Contracts
  • Contract law
  • Economic law
  • Civil law
  • Customs law

As a special service we offer you the production of a sample translation. In this way you can be assured of our competence as a translation service for specialised translations in all specialist fields before you ever place an order.

Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with thorough service. 

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