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We translate for you. Every type of text. From all languages and into all languages.

Do you have specialised content, discriminating target audiences? Whether for business success, scientific collaboration or cultural exchange, we provide professional and fast translations by experienced native speakers.

Professional specialist translators from Lingua-World also possess the relevant training or a degree that qualifies them for your particular area of specialisation. The benefit for you is that you receive professionally produced translations quickly that are of outstanding content and linguistic quality.

Certified quality

Do you want a translation produced quickly and professionally without compromising on quality?

We have been certified as a translation agency to DIN EN ISO 9001 (in the current version 9001:2015) since 2008. Every translation is produced in line with DIN EN ISO 17100 (successor standard of DIN EN ISO 15038).

Your non-binding translation request

Service portfolio (excerpt)

Professional translations of business documents

  • General correspondence, quotations, expert reports
  • Qualifications, certificates of employment, work performance records
  • Balance sheets, business reports, minutes, pay slips
  • Financial reports, annual reports, patent specifications, reference books for business
  • Technical specifications, presentations for corporate management
  • Product descriptions, maintenance manuals, guidelines
  • Further information on business translations

Specialist translations of legal texts

  • Contracts, apostilles, deeds, confidentiality agreements
  • General terms and conditions of business (GT&C)
  • Legal texts, court rulings and records of proceedings
  • Warrants of arrest, penal orders, rogatory letters and forms
  • Legal papers, records of interrogation, complaints
  • Go to certified translations

Professional translation of technical documentation

  • User manuals, operating instructions/user instructions
  • Technical manuals, workbooks and software
  • Training documentation, textbooks, safety instructions
  • Learn more about technical translations

Präzise Fachübersetzungen medizinischer Schriftsachen

  • Medizinische Fachliteratur, Diplomarbeiten, Studien
  • Vordrucke, Formulare, Beipackzettel/Packungsbeilagen
  • Medizinische Gutachten und Krankenberichte
  • Weitere Informationen zu Fachübersetzungen Medizin

Precise specialist translations of medical writings

  • Specialist medical literature, diploma theses, studies
  • Forms, package inserts/patient information leaflets
  • Medical reports and medical records
  • More information on specialist medical translations

Translation of marketing material/marketing texts

  • Advertising texts, press releases, reports, interviews
  • Catalogues, advertisements, flyers and image brochures, trade fair catalogues
  • Product descriptions, offer descriptions
  • Homepages/websites Localisation by SEO translators
  • Specialist articles, message texts, PowerPoint presentations

Translations of private documents and papers

Certified and digitised

You only get what you need. You always know what we are working on.


Specialist translations

Language expertise in over 180 languages – for every imaginable area of specialisation and industry.

Translations for specialist areas

Linguistic knowledge and specialist knowledge

Our translators are all native speakers, more than 10,000 of them worldwide.

Our translators

Translations by Lingua-World: because translation is more than just transferring words

At Lingua-World, we translate your specialised texts, written correspondence, image advertising or your website and software quickly, professionally and at low cost. Simply send us your translation request online or visit us in person at one of our translation agencies.

If you need more than a one-off translation, make use of our project planning and terminology management. We will be happy to advise you personally on this and put together an individual service package for you. What’s more, our sworn translators will produce certified translations for you.

Translators from Lingua-World are familiar with a wide range of topics and fields of knowledge – each in their own area of specialisation – and translate quickly and professionally from all languages into all languages. We don’t just take on translations for the common combinations German-English, German-French or German-Spanish and German-Chinese, but also offer you translations from or into Albanian, Japanese, Swedish, Arabic, Korean and into many other languages and dialects.

Our translations are not free of charge. Unlike free translation tools, though, we don’t simply transfer just the lexical meaning of words with all the embarrassing mistakes this implies. Instead, we produce meaningful texts that take into account cultural, legal or colloquial differences. Not only are we true to our word, we also understand the fine art of using words and phrases perfectly: at fair prices, transparent conditions and in exceptional quality!

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