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Software translations and localizing of websites

Translations in the specialist are of IT (information technology) and software

Without IT there would be nothing. 
The modern information technology, that is, the internet and software,make communication faster, easier, more complex, and more varied. Lingua-World works world-wide with a great number of native-speaker translators who not just educated in their respective language combinations, but also in the area of information technology and the specialist fields therein.

Translations for the information technology sector

Due to increasingly globalised markets, today localization is a very particular task. Translating or localizing software at Lingua-World means a knowledgeable and competent alignment of products, websites, or documents

  • Conformation to the linguistic demands of the target country or market
  • Conformation to the cultural demands of the target country or market
  • Localization of logic, structure, and presentation
  • Localization of writing style of bulk quotations,types of currency, prices, decimal notation, and units of measurement  

Whether translations are from Italian-English or English-Chinese – our translators rely on their extensive relevant knowledge as well as on special localization software.

So that your software doesn’t just work in the original language, but also in the respective target language, after translating we put your software to the test. We test the application with the translated text as the first step of the quality control, and in this way attain the highest possible level of perfection for our specialty translations.

"Our collaboration with Lingua-World can be summed up in three words:
fast, straightforward and specialised. Translating for the very unique IT field isn't a strength that everyone has. We feel that we are in good hands with Lingua-World, and for this reason, we really enjoy working with the team in Frankfurt."

Elvira Özüpekce, Marketing Managerin Giegerich & Partner

Quick processing, absolute adherence to deadlines, fast, flexible negotiations and guaranteed confidentiality of all data, as well as the exclusive employment of native speakers are our trademark. A comprehensive needs analysis ensures the quality of your individual service package. Our qualified team stands competently by your side.

Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with thorough service. 

Computer languages connect people from around the world with one another, but in order to learn, understand, use, and further develop these computer languages, IT companies as well as their customers are reliant on specialist translators and specialist translations.

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