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Specialised IT translations

Specialised translations for IT and software are called for whenever your texts need to convey professionalism and reliability. It doesn’t matter whether you need a specialised translation for your website, a software application, source files or documents. If the details aren’t right because the translator was familiar with the language but not with the material, this can quickly damage your image and cause a drop in sales or customers.

That’s why at Lingua-World we only employ experienced native speakers for specialised IT translations who are able to deliver optimal results in terms of the subject matter and language combination.

Which areas and industries require professional IT translations?

You need specialised IT/software translations for tasks such as:

  • Translating hardware and software operating manuals
  • Translating commercial and legal documents

IT translations are created both for the IT sector itself as well as for industries that rely on the functioning use of software and IT solutions. These include the automotive industry and logistics, technical and manufacturing industries, energy and telecommunications providers and everyone in trade and skilled crafts, administration and sales who already uses digital solutions.

The localisation of websites and software is particularly important, as a translation is only as good as the knowledge of the regional components associated with it.

That’s why our specialist IT and software translators also check and perform

  • adaptation of specialised translations to the linguistic and cultural requirements of the target country or market.
  • the necessary localisation of logic, structure and display.
  • essential localisation of the specialised translation, in particular with regard to adapting measurements, weights and currencies.

English, Arabic-German, Italian-German or German-Chinese – at Lingua-World you will find the right specialised translator for IT and software for every language. Unlike translation tools, our certified specialist translators provide you with texts that are 100% free of embarrassing errors and ready to use immediately.

In addition, we use localisation software and, once the IT translation is complete, we test it to ensure that the applications function properly.

"Our collaboration with Lingua-World Translations can be summed up in three words: fast, straightforward and specialised. Translating for the very unique IT field isn't a strength that everyone has. We feel that we are in good hands with Lingua-World, and for this reason, we really enjoy working with the team in Frankfurt."

Elvira Özüpekce, Marketing Managerin Giegerich & Partner

At Lingua-World, people and technology work hand-in-hand to translate specialised IT texts, documents, manuals, software applications and websites for your industry. We are happy to provide you with a requirements analysis in advance and offer you an individually tailored service package at fair prices.

Take advantage of a globally networked team of certified translators and interpreters who specialise in IT, software, localisation, technology and digitalisation. We can provide you with an optional test translation before you place your specialised IT translation order so that you can assure yourself of the quality of our services.

What can we do for you?

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