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Medical translations

It is always a good decision to have a specialist translation produced by a professional. In the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, with precise medical translations you are not just ensuring the quality of the translation. You are also safeguarding the lives and health of people, giving weight to your expertise and proving yourself to be a recognised authority.

Ultimately, medical progress only works when people have confidence in medicine and pharmaceuticals and colleagues seek exchange at an international level. Outstanding medical translations help to grow your reputation as a medical expert or pharmaceutical company instead of pushing you into obscurity with incorrect or incomprehensible texts.

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Antigens or antibodies, Fahrenheit or Celsius, laboratory diagnostic or laboratory chemical reports? These questions are superfluous for Lingua-World specialist translators, as they themselves are or were members of medical or pharmaceutical professions and have a command of the respective target language and its specialist terminology at the very highest level.

They not only translate your specialist texts with the right words and meaning, they understand the contexts and thus deliver pharmaceutical and medical specialist translations of outstanding quality even for innovative technologies or treatment methods. Anywhere in the world into all languages and dialects, and irrespective of whether the text is a diagnosis, a doctor’s report, a study or a peer review in a recognised medical journal.

Lingua-World: Our services as a translation agency for medical texts

Although correct subject-specific language may seem like double Dutch to the layperson, the minute you begin dealing with experts, specialist terminology needs to correspond with scientific and medical standards. Specialised translators from Lingua-World produce your order for

  • specialist medical translations of studies on known and new forms of treatment, therapies or vaccines.
  • specialist pharmaceutical translations of documentation and studies as well as trial designs, analyses and research results.
  • patent translations in the medical/pharmaceutical field.
  • specialist translations of medical texts and theses for colleges and universities from all languages into all languages.
  • precise and succinct translations of specialist articles for medical journals and online portals.
  • specialist translations of technical manuals as required for medical equipment and accessories.
  • flawless medical translations of patient information leaflets for medicines – including for international use and into all languages.
  • professional translations of medical findings, doctor’s diagnoses and laboratory diagnostic reports.
  • doctor’s letters and reports.
  • confidential translations of medical opinions.
  • watertight translations of business reports for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies – into German, English, Italian, Russian, Turkish and all other languages.
  • translations of medical documents, forms and templates along with the information forms and anamnesis questionnaires required in practice, international attestations, certificates or fee agreements.
  • localisations, i.e. checking and coordinating your medical websites, apps and software for compliance with international and regional standards.

Terminology management and wording for your specialist translation

Specialist language is characterised by the use of terms that have not been selected randomly but which are part of a sophisticated system that must be used with great clarity. A cold is not flu and a viral infection cannot be treated with antibacterial medicine.

At Lingua-World we perform detailed and careful terminology management in order to meet high medical standards and keep pace with the rapid progress of pharmaceutical developments at all times. This involves regular updates to our database for medical terminology as well as producing specialist medical translations with uniform and appropriate wording.

If you place repeat orders with our specialist translators, this also ensures that the wording is precisely tailored to your company or service where it goes beyond pure specialist terminology.

Specialist translations for pharmaceutical industries and medical fields

Lingua-World produces medical translations from and into all languages. Our specialised translators possess proven expertise and experience. We often receive requests for

  • specialist translations for occupational healthcare, biotechnology, surgery, dental medicine, diabetology, genetics, forensic medicine, preventive health, infectiology, cardiology, medical technology, neurology, oncology, pharmacology, psychiatry, virology, dentistry and other specialist fields.
  • Specialist translations for related industries and research fields, such as chemistry.
  • specialist medical translations for human medicine, medical translations for medical technology and specialist medical translations for veterinary medicine.
  • pharmaceutical and medical translations for laboratory and analysis.
  • professionally produced translations for medical publications.
  • fast and technically accurate translations concerning SARS-CoV-2 or the COVID-19 coronavirus.

When it comes to our service as a translation agency for medical texts, at Lingua-World we leave nothing to chance. Our quality management has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2008, and currently complies with the latest version 9001:2015.

Our translators are also obligated to observe DIN EN ISO 17100 (successor standard to DIN EN ISO 15038), which regulates the mandatory requirements for translation services and the translation process.

Compliance with standards is not the only thing that’s important to us, however. Our top priority is our orientation to our customers’ interests. That’s why we guarantee swift processing along with adherence to delivery dates, flexible and careful conduct, as well as absolute confidentiality regarding data and content connected with the specialised translation.

You have the option of requesting a test translation from us before placing your order and/or we will perform a requirements analysis for you. Assure yourself of our competence as a translation agency for specialist translations in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals and take advantage of a service package individually tailored to your needs.

Simply place your order online. Our specialised translator teams are available to provide you with expert support in the following cities: Cologne, Aachen, Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Stuttgart.

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