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We interpret for you: into every language, for every industry, in every situation

What sort of situation do you need an interpreter for? Or do you need several interpreters? Who are your guests or business partners? What is the topic? What is your objective?

All of this information can help us find exactly the right interpreter(s) for you. Be it for a conference or contract negotiations, a court case or a TV appearance.

Your interpreter will always be a native speaker,
qualified both linguistically and in terms of technical knowledge.

And to make sure that your international meetings are successful, we ensure that your interpreters are also socially adept. Because it is not only verbal communication but also non-verbal communication (facial expressions, intonation, gestures) that convey important messages to both sides. Of course, all of our interpreters sign a confidentiality agreement.

"International legal matters are not made any easier with language barriers. With Lingua-World, these cease to be an obstacle. We have worked with Lingua-World for many years because the quality of the translations and, even more importantly, the customer service are really excellent. Our clients are satisfied, and as a law firm it is worth its weight in gold if we can provide a Chinese translation of a contract while the client is waiting for it in a hotel lobby in Beijing. Lingua-World has helped us look good in front of our clients more than once. And the client closed the deal."

Christian Franz, LL.M. Bötcher Dretzki & Franz Rechtsanwälte, Düsseldorf

Simultaneous interpreting: Understand and be understood instantly

Conferences, symposiums, live transmissions – when a lot of people will have a chance to speak and need to understand what is being said, a simultaneous interpreter is the solution. Upon request, we can give you access to the latest conference technology.

Liaison interpreting: Be confident in your offers and arguments

HOW you say something is just as important as WHAT you say, especially during negotiations. To make sure that you and your conversation partner successfully communicate both of these aspects, we have the right interpreter for you for every negotiation. Depending on the type and duration of the negotiations, it may make sense, for instance, to have several interpreters who each translate short sections, such as a question + answer, into the target language. Let us advise you.

Sworn interpreters

Only sworn interpreters are allowed to interpret in court, for the police, or for other official offices. We can also provide you with these interpreters: sworn, tested with regard to their personal suitability and technical knowledge, and obligated to maintain the strictest confidentiality and to be unbiased – like all of our interpreters and translators are.

Conference technology

Be it live, per video or via the Internet: you will also get the latest technology for your conference from us in addition to our highly qualified interpreters. For example:

  • simultaneous interpretation equipment
  • tour guide systems
  • video and data projection equipment
  • equipment for moderating, like microphones & headsets
  • sound engineering 
  • recordings 

Lingua-World interpreting services for all languages and dialects

Do you need something really special? Please ask us!
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