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Lingua-World translates using interactive multimedia solutions

From multilingual to multimedia

One can quite justifiably demand multilingual capabilities from a translation company, but Lingua-World also has multimedia capabilities. That means we utilise a multitude of computer solutions in order to constantly optimise our translating potential.


We make use of so-called Translation Memory Systems. Not only in order to save time and money, but also in order to translate parallel or future projects as consistently as possible, these programmes remember text passages that have already been translated so they can be called up by our translators for relevant projects.

Localisation programmes and DTP applications

By using localisation programmes and DTP applications, Lingua-World ease the workload of our translators and make additional memory space available to them, because, in contrast to the human mind, automated systems are able to draw on an infinitely large amount of saved information.

Data maintenance with terminology databank

The same goes for working with the terminology databank. A multitude of terms for every subject area can be called upon here. They don’t just expand the translation lexicon for your company, they can also be customised to conform to the predefined wording already used by your company. Regular adjustments to the databank ensure continual quality, even for future projects.

Everything together is Multimedia

For us at Lingua-World multimedia means the proper utilisation of Translation Memory systems, localising programmes, and DTP applications, as well as customisable data maintenance, so that we can process your translation needs even better and faster.

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