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Specialised translations for the chemical industry

When it comes to specialised translations for chemistry, excellent knowledge of the target languages is not enough. What is called for is specific knowledge of the industry and familiarity with all specialised terminology. That’s why at Lingua-World we only employ native speakers with in-depth linguistic and specialist knowledge for a specialised translation in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medicine or technology.

Pesticide or fungicide, biodegradable or sustainably produced – our specialist translators for the chemical industry know the definitions and linguistic particularities around the world, without having to consult a dictionary. Because every specialised translation for technology, medicine and chemistry requires an exceptional level of quality and reliability. With us you will find your specialist translator with specialised knowledge for translations covering topics such as

  • production of chemicals, fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides
  • synthetic production or conversion of raw materials
  • production of plastics, colourants and adhesives, cleaning agents or preservatives
  • production and sale of fireworks
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Specialised translations for chemical products and documentation

Lingua-World specialist translators produce your order for

  • specialised translations for the chemical industry in English / commercial English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages
  • translations of technical texts, catalogues and documentation for the chemical industry in technical English
  • specialised translations of chemical technical data, guidelines, product specifications into and out of every language.
  • translations of toxicological reports and certified translations of patents
  • professional translations of maintenance and manufacturing instructions as well as usage recommendations and basic formulas for the chemical industry
  • industry-specific specialised translations of contracts, General Terms and Conditions of Business, business documents, corporate brochures and flyers as well as correspondence and letters of offer.

Specialist translators for chemistry – our quality promise for the chemical industry

Made in Germany is still a label that deserves and inspires confidence. Through competent and reliable translations for the chemical industry, our specialised translators play an important role in ensuring that this remains the case in future. If you place your order with us for a specialised translation, we select the translators according to the linguistic skills and industry-specific expertise required.

Technical translation, translations of scientific texts or competent translations for your marketing – at Lingua-World we provide you with certified specialised translators for all continents and languages.

"Competent and fast advice make collaborating with Lingua-World a success. Their kind and attentive support makes Lingua-World a reliable partner, and we will gladly count on them in the future."

BioPolymer GmbH & Co. KG

English, Chinese, Japanese: benefit from excellent standards

Europe, Africa, Asia – or wherever else you operate: Specialised translations from Lingua-World ensure that trust in your company is and remains high. Standard combinations that are often requested include specialised translations in German-English, German-Japanese or German-Chinese. In addition, we are happy to provide specialised translations for the chemical industry in all other languages.

Specialised translations for chemistry from Lingua-World: Your benefits at a glance

Lingua-World is the proven translator network for the chemical industry. We translate your texts with perfect precision in terms of both language and content into all languages, on time, flexibly and with absolute confidentiality. We also provide certified translations or offer a preliminary test translation on request.

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