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Specialist translations culture, Art, and Sport

Culture happens everywhere where people have something to say. While spoken language is not always the means of conveyance, this seldom happens without any sort of verbal communication.  

Specialist translations in the fields of sport, art, and culture therefore also belong to Lingua-World’s service repertoire.

Specialist translations for the field of art

  • Translation of textbooks and diploma theses
  • Specialist translations of dissertations in the humanities and cultural sciences, art or cultural science essays
  • Specialist translation of art, museum, and exhibition catalogues
  • Translation of news articles and colloquium and lexical articles
  • Specialist translations of memorial guides
  • Translation of travel guides
  • Specialist translation of press portfolios
  • Translation of screenplay appraisals

Translation through interpreters competent in the field

Whether as interpreters or translators, you will find competent Lingua-World associates at

  • international sporting events, like for example the 2006 World Cup
  • and also at cultural events like exhibitions, concerts, and festivals
  • or at the meetings of multi-national delegations.

"Interpreting" – is a symbol for intercultural understanding

The German word for “interpreting” – “Dolmetschen” – is taken from Hungarian, however the Hungarians borrowed the word from Turkish, and the same word stem appears again and again in the Slavic languages. Just the word itself represents intercultural understanding.

Quick processing, absolute adherence to deadlines, fast, flexible negotiations and guaranteed confidentiality of all data, as well as the exclusive employment of native speakers are our trademark. A comprehensive needs analysis ensures the quality of your individual service package. Our qualified team stands competently by your side.

Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with thorough service. 

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