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Specialised translations for culture, art and sport

Order specialised translations and interpreters for sport, art and culture conveniently online Professional translations for all languages and cultures.

Values, conduct, expression: Culture is everything that either unites or divides us. We learn it like our mother tongue. We understand it when we deal with other cultures. What culture, art and sport have in common is that they connect people with one another across all boundaries, provided they are aimed at understanding.

At Lingua-World, we are convinced that only specialised translations in the fields of culture(s), art and sport that have been produced by professionals can live up to this claim.

Specialised translations for art and culture

Our certified translators produce professional translations for you of

  • text books and specialist literature regarding sport, art, culture and humanities,
  • theses, diploma projects, dissertations and other academic writings on art, culture and sport,
  • academic papers and essays on art, culture and humanities,
  • Newspaper articles, reports, press releases and portfolios,
  • colloquium and lexicon articles,
  • reviews, critiques and screenplay appraisals,
  • art catalogues, museum and exhibition catalogues,
  • translation of screenplay appraisals,
  • travel guides and guides to monuments from all languages into all languages.

Translators and interpreters: Making sure you’re understood

Translators produce written specialist translations, interpreters convey the spoken word and help people of different languages and cultures to communicate directly with one another. You will find interpreters, including sign-language interpreters, and translators from Lingua-World wherever linguistic barriers are overcome and connections are created, for example

  • meetings of multinational delegations,
  • international sports events like the Olympics or Paralympics, FIFA World Cup or Formula 1 races,
  • national and international cultural events such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions or award ceremonies.

More than an exchange of words: “Interpreting” as a symbol of international understanding

Without interpreters and translators, there would be no European Parliament, no United Nations, no international festivals or activities and no translation of world literature. Yet interpreters and translators don’t just work where the major players meet and communicate. Every day they make important contributions to art and culture, science and sport when they work on a specialist translation or interpret behind the scenes at events in the knowledge that they are not just translating work, but contributing to international understanding.

The term “Dolmetschen” (German for “interpreting”) indicates this, as the expression for a “professional translator” comes from the Hungarian word “tolmács”, which in turn stems from a Turkish loan word used to describe a “mediator between two parties”. The origin of the word can be traced back to ancient Syria. Related terms are still in use in many languages throughout the world, such as Afrikaans, Danish or Serbian.

So the root word Dolmetschen travelled the entire world before becoming established here in Germany. Specialised translators and certified interpreters from Lingua-World are happy to do the same – as “Dolmetscher”, as they are known in German, and as interpreters.

They act professionally and reliably and always prove themselves to be eloquent if required, as well as discreet and confidential when circumstances dictate.

Rapid processing and absolute adherence to delivery dates round out our service, for which we exclusively use experienced native speakers. We are also happy to prepare a requirements analysis for you in advance so that we can offer you a service package tailored to your needs.

Technically adept interpreting or specialist translation for cultural topics, sport and art – if you wish, we will complete a test translation for you before you place your order so that you can assure yourself of the quality of our work.

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