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International marketing with all language services

Lingua-World does it all: International marketing
Two in one: Since 2010, companies that don’t just require translations and language services, but rather also want to participate in the international market, can have their complete marketing strategy organised by Lingua-World. We offer a broad spectrum of marketing strategies: Everything from public relations to advertisement, to sales and distribution strategies.

Lingua-World operates all over Europe
As a pan-European franchise company, Lingua-World is active far beyond the boarders of Germany and has a wealth of experience in foreign markets. As a native Bulgarian and translator for Russian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, and English, Executive Director Nelly Kostadinova fosters business relations throughout Europe and is especially well-acquainted with the Eastern European market.

When it comes to communication, authenticity is the top priority
We support you in generating new businesses and follow-up orders and use targeted PR measures to ensure that your company stays in the public eye. Moreover, Lingua-World also sees international marketing as a means of building trust through serious reporting in influential media and through cultivating a positive image.

The complete package gives our customers the edge

  • Authentic communication with your target groups (potential customers and business partners, as well as journalists)
  • You save time and money, since all of your texts can be prepared with an eye for the economic and cultural landscape of your target market.
  • There is no need to hire additional translators or interpreters, so you can avoid unnecessary losses.
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