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Localization of Software

Software is programmed to function, and ideally it should be easy to use, as intuitive as possible and function with 100% reliability. This is only possible if every screen, menu and button is in line with the experiences and expectations of the user – put simply, if it is localized.

Whether in Italy, China or South America: to ensure that your software does what it is supposed to do, we make it a point to be just as thorough with localizing your software as we are with localizing your website. We pay attention to:

  • the quality of the translation
  • the linguistic features
  • the cultural differences
  • the accuracy of words and pictures
  • the formal and legal aspects
  • the preparation

Different countries, different rules, different laws

Formal and legal aspects are particularly relevant to the localization of your software. Your accounting system should understand the customary decimal notation for quantities and prices in that country. Your tax calculation programme must also reflect the tax legislation of each country. The same goes for the national legal conditions and requirements, for example, when it comes to the localization of medical software. Simply translating is of little use here, and even taking the linguistic features into account is not enough. For this reason we only use specialized experts for the purpose of localization.

Quit while you are ahead

As you may know, some programmes are more difficult to use in German than in English. Quite often this is because too much has been translated. For example, if your customer is looking for the word "Login", but only finds the word "Anmeldung" (registration), this will cost him precious seconds and earn your software some demerit points. This is why finding the right balance is part of the localization process for us.

When it’s correct, coherent and tested

Whether it’s a CRM, ERP or accounting system: to ensure that your software works just as well in the target language as in the original language, we test it after localization and eliminate remaining problems until it meets our high standards.

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