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Technical translations

Precision and technical understanding are essential requirements for technical translations or specialised translations. That is why they are produced by specialist translators who possess technical expertise and excellent linguistic skills.

A specialised translation in the field of technology could be the translation of operating or usage instructions, user manuals, standards or documentation and reference works, for example. Common language combinations are German-English, German-Spanish or Russian. At Lingua-World, we also produce technical translations for all other languages throughout the world, always certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 17100.

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Lingua-World is the technical translation agency for professional translations in many different industries, including

  • Automation engineering, plant engineering, automation
  • Automotive industry – automotive engineering, drive engineering and engine building
  • Building industry
  • Computer technologies and industrial computer engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Printing technology
  • Electrical engineering, electrics and electronics – energy engineering, semiconductor technology
  • Oil industry
  • Fluid power technology, valves, pumps, sealing technology, vacuum technology
  • Aircraft technology
  • Facilities engineering, water technology
  • Producers and distributors in the fields of energy supply and renewable energies
  • Structural and civil engineering, road building machinery, crane technology
  • Nuclear engineering and power plant construction
  • Air-conditioning technology, cooling technology, ventilation and thermal engineering
  • Communication technology - telecommunications, mobile communications technology and network engineering, navigation technology
  • Plastics engineering
  • Aviation
  • Marine and sea travel
  • Mechanical engineering, tool construction, vibration engineering, conveyor technology
  • Medical technology and lab technology, sanitary engineering, dental technology
  • Measuring and regulation technology, control technology
  • Nanotechnology, surface engineering, thin-film technology
  • Food engineering, packaging technology
  • Optical engineering - optical measurements and sensor technology, sensors
  • Process control engineering, process technology, robotics, robot technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Cutting technology, welding technology
  • Software technology
  • Environmental engineering, solar engineering, wind energy technology and emissions technology
  • Companies working in occupational safety, safety engineering and manufacturers of safety-at-work products
  • Science

Specialised translations for technology and science

Every type of text has its own requirements of the translator and all subject-specific language requires knowledge of the latest terminology. We perform the following services for you

  • technical translation of user documentation, user manuals, operating instructions, usage instructions, product descriptions, inspection reports and maintenance instructions.
  • careful translation of tender documents, reports and records from technical fields.
  • quality translations of technical workbooks, technical data sheets, technical documentation and technology manuals in German-English, German-Turkish, German-Russian as well as into and from all other languages.
  • specialist technical translation of safety notices, safety data sheets and general instructions as well as specific work instructions.
  • specialist technical translations of risk analyses and risk assessments.
  • translation of training documents for specialist technical fields.
  • detailed translations of documentation of planned or completed maintenance and repair work.
  • professional translation of patents including all necessary documents
  • product descriptions as well as brochures and flyers in the field of technology.
  • localisation of websites/apps and software as well as the translation of texts from your editorial or content management system.
  • translation of subtitles for technical videos and tutorials.
  • translation of marketing and sales texts tailored to your target group.

"We are very satisfied with the quality of your work. We are particularly pleased with the uncomplicated communication and short processing time. It is a big relief for us to be able to have very special topics from the field of infrared drying and plant operations be translated quickly and without any complications."

IWT Infrarot-Wärmetechnik GmbH

Technical translations: quality and security

If a sociologist asks for “Achtung”, they generally mean “respect” in the English translation. In a technical translation of the same word, however, terms such as “caution”, “danger” or “attention” are more likely to be used. The specialist translator therefore needs to be able to select the right word immediately based on the context.

In addition to accuracy and context, which vouch for the quality of technical translations, consistency is an important criterion for flawless technical translations. Ambiguous and imprecise formulations need to be avoided. Specific technical knowledge, on the other hand, is essential for technical translations.

Another problem with technical translations that can only be solved by specialist translators with sufficient knowledge is the fact that the source texts to be translated can contain errors or typos. For example if the author has mistyped “break” where they had intended to type “brake”. Or if the translator needs to decide whether they are dealing with information technology or computer engineering.

Our qualified technical translators are aware of this and other problems and deal with them carefully and professionally. Because safety, especially in the technical field, is also a matter of technical knowledge and linguistic precision, they have many years of training and sufficient experience as technical translators for our translation agency.

They are supported by access to our extensive and constantly updated database of technical terminology for specialised translators. Where necessary, we compare our existing terminology with any specific wording stipulated by you.

As a result, our technical translators not only produce flawless technical German-English translations or specialist technical translations in English-German, they also create excellent professional translations of technical documentation from or into Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and other language combinations. For more than 180 languages and dialects, we at Lingua-World translation agency vouch for the native-speaker quality of our professional translators along with their appropriate technical expertise.

Smarter service from Lingua-World for your technical translation

What do translations cost? How long does it take until a technical text is translated? Exactly which qualifications does the translator have?

If this is the first time you require a technical translation from Lingua-World, you no doubt want a clear, unambiguous answer to these and other questions. Please understand, however, that we can only answer these questions in a personal meeting or following an online request once we know which services you require.

Our technical translators are at your side with their proven technical and linguistic knowledge, ready to provide reliable and flexible service. For a one-off translation of technical texts and documentation or for ongoing cooperation. Our technical translation agency will complete your translations quickly, carefully and on time while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

We will gladly provide you with a comprehensive requirements analysis in advance upon request and/or accept your requests for an individual service package. Optionally, you can also request a test translation in one of our translation offices before placing an order.

Simply place your request online or directly with one of our qualified teams in Cologne, Aachen, Berlin, Bremen,& Dresden, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Stuttgart.

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