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Business translation – translation for business, commerce and finance

Specialised translations for business and finance require linguistic and subject-specific expertise. Lingua-World specialised translators for business, commerce and finance are qualified native speakers with proven specialisations who will competently translate your business and financial texts from and into any language.

Business, finance, marketing: Your company won’t stand out on international markets without fluent and flawless communication. Take advantage of the opportunities of globalisation to raise your profile on the German-speaking or international stage with all the skills that make you and your company unique – built on the basis of flawless business translations that significantly simplify communication with banks, business partners, customers, investors and sponsors or stakeholders.

Our business and finance translators know the subject-specific details and take regional and cultural differences into account. The benefit for you: You receive a specialised translation into English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese or any other language that is not obviously a translation because it has been perfectly produced for the respective regional market.

Business translations and finance translations from Lingua-World

Below is an overview of the topics, tasks and fields for which you can request a specialised translation for business, commerce and finance from Lingua-World. We perform the following services for you

  • specialised translations from German to business English and other languages by translators for business English, business French, business Spanish, business Chinese, etc.
  • translations of financial texts, for example consolidated financial statements and business reports, quarterly reports and annual financial statements or balance sheets.
  • translation of business documents, e.g. correspondence, quotations, reports.
  • translations of documents and balance sheets in accordance with national (e.g. German Commercial Code) and international standards (IFRS/US-GAAP).
  • business-relevant translations of balance sheets, business reports, records, wage and salary statements.
  • precise specialist translations of business news bulletins, market analyses, statistics, stock reports and commercial register entries.
  • flawless translation of references, certificates of employment or work performance records, certified upon request.
  • translations of tax documents, proof of VAT and income tax, profit and loss calculations as well as proof of return on assets and capital income.
  • certified translations of contracts for business, commerce and industry.
  • specialised translations of transaction documents for mergers or acquisitions such as letters of intent, process letters, confidentiality agreements.
  • translation of the texts and documents required for planned stock market flotations (IPO).
  • specialised translation of patent specifications, technical data and documents.
  • certified translations of bank and insurance documents.
  • translation of your GT&Cs into business English, business Russian or business Spanish and other languages by experienced business translators.
  • translation of guidelines, product descriptions, maintenance instructions and operating instructions from and to all languages, including
  • translation into technical and business Arabic, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other languages upon request.
  • translations of purchase contracts and donation agreements, lease agreements and rental contracts.
  • commercial translations into modern commercial English or business English, French, Italian, Spanish and any other languages upon request.
  • specialist translations of share analyses, economic reports or fund reports.
  • business translations of brochures and company prospectuses, professional translations of catalogues and specialist texts into business English, for example.
  • translation of quotations and invoices, calculations, cost estimates, transfer pricing documentation.
  • business translations for Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Arabia and translation of your marketing texts for all countries and languages.
  • appropriate translations of financing projects and financial documents.
  • translations of import and export documents, import certificates and proofs of origin.
  • localisation of websites/apps and software localisation for the requested language and culture.

Linguistically and factually correct business translations form the basis of your national and international success. They create trust and solid relationships with customers, business partners, banks and sponsors and with public authorities and organisations. It is essential, then, to have your translations produced by professional translators who, in addition to exceptional language skills, also have an in-depth knowledge of commercial or other relevant areas.

Professional translators from Lingua-World are also specialised in legal, business and tax fields for certain countries and regions like Asia, Eastern Europe or Africa. So you know you are on the safe side with every business translation and every translation of your financial or marketing texts and can rest assured that your balance sheets and tax documents, annual reports, statements of accounts, import or export documents are in the best hands.

"Our collaboration with Lingua-World and the translation of our texts and exposés has always been done quickly and easily, and is perfect! We are very satisfied!"

Andrea Robiné ROBINÉ Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Interpreters – simultaneous translation for business, finance and commerce

Written communication plays a major role in international business relationships; verbal communication at conferences, negotiating tables, events, business meetings or trade shows is no less important.

Lingua-World interpreters who are specially trained for business, commerce and finance simultaneously translate from and into all languages on such occasions and at other events.

Request a requirements analysis to obtain your individual and fair service package from Lingua-World. Or send us your request for a translation order online now!

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