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Specialised translations for industry

Industry, trade, transport – global networks determine the modern economy, from contracting and marketing to supply chains and warehousing. In order for things to run smoothly between business partners, suppliers and customers from different countries and with different languages, the communication needs to be right. Not just in contracts, but also in your personal or business correspondence. And of course, whenever a faultless and industry-specific exchange is critical to your business processes.

Specialised translations from the Lingua-World translation agencies ensure clarity and precision in all areas. We translate your documents and contracts, websites and instruction manuals, marketing texts or patient information leaflets with the greatest of care and expertise, using only specialist translators for industry who are as familiar with the country and its people as they are with the language and industry.

Specialised translations from Lingua-World: uncompromisingly good service and expertise

Specialised translations for industry or technical translations are performed at our agencies by academically trained native speakers with specialist training as translators and specific knowledge in one of the following branches of industry:

  • Textile and clothing industry
  • Metal-processing industry and mechanical engineering
  • Automotive industry and vehicle construction, aircraft construction
  • Plastics industry, glass industry, paper industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Food industry
  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • Industrial power, alternative energies
  • Pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology
  • Chemical industry, mineral oil industry
  • and countless other branches of industry

Before accepting your order, we check which of our specialised translators has capacity for the selected language areas/continents, so that the requested translation can be completed by your chosen delivery date.

If you wish to have different types of texts translated with specific requirements, we can put together the right team for you on request. Feel free to contact us personally so that we can analyse your requirements together and compile an attractive and individual service package for you. If you need several specialised translations for industry, we can also provide a test translation for you as a special service.

Regardless of whether you work in industry, transport or the service sector, whether your customers or employers are in Europe, Asia or on other continents: At Lingua-World you will find your experienced and qualified specialist translators for all language combinations – for accurate professional translation as well as for interpreting.

Avoid reputational damage with excellent specialised translations

Have you ever tried to put together or install a technical product and been irritated by the missing or completely incomprehensible usage instructions? Are you familiar with the liability claims if you market a product incorrectly? And can you imagine the damage done to your image if there were serious translation errors in your marketing texts because the translator was unfamiliar with the linguistic refinements and peculiarities that distinguish British and American English?

Lingua-World specialised translations provide you with the reassurance that every word is in the right place and all details have been rendered correctly in the target language, in terms of linguistics, style and content. Our specialist translators not only know the language they are translating into, they also possess industry knowledge as well as technical, legal and cultural expertise.

Because we know that being a native speaker is not enough to provide a perfect specialised translation. Especially not when it comes to translations for which the layperson is unable to understand the content.

Professional specialist translations for industry by Lingua-World

A large pool of experienced translators makes it possible for us to offer you specialist translations for all markets and languages: for Western or Eastern Europe, the Near or Middle East, Asia and India. Translations into regional dialects are also becoming increasingly popular, as dialects create connection and trust. We often receive requests for specialised translations into the following languages, to name a few:

  • English for business and technology (technical English),
  • French, Spanish or Italian for industry, logistics and trade,
  • Arabic, Russian and many other languages for specialist texts, business texts and technical manuals.

The text types we professionally translate into all languages include:

  • Technical documentation
  • Industrial technology reports
  • Industrial production plans
  • Specialist documents
  • Manufacturing and maintenance instructions as well as operating manuals
  • Patent translations, also in the form of certified translations
  • Websites, marketing texts, brochures and leaflets

In addition, we also take on the careful translation of your entire corporate correspondence – from watertight contracts to quotations and invoices or target group-specific acquisition proposals. And it goes without saying that we guarantee you not only 100%-satisfaction, but also absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Good for your image, perfect for trust: certified specialised translations from Lingua-World

Marketing text or technical documentation: Excellent specialist translations are like an advertisement for your company or service and have a positive impact on your reputation and the company’s image. Just as you trust the creation of your corporate design or website to an experienced designer instead of leaving it to someone who can “draw a bit”, the same care should be taken with all your translations. After all, it’s not just about excellent texts, it’s about the trust that you inspire in customers, contractual partners and sponsors.

By choosing a translator from Lingua-World, you are choosing a properly qualified and SDL-certified translation service where people and technology work together to the best possible effect.

SDL is the leading provider of solutions for global information management and offers the LSP partner programme for language service providers.

The SDL certification programme is the recognised industry standard for specialist knowledge of SDL software. It the most important technology-based certification in the industry. With the SDL certification programme, Lingua-World employees are continuously trained to the latest technological standard in Terminology management and quality assurance. This is your assurance that we work efficiently to provide high quality for the customer. Quality management and optimal project management ensure our long-term customers qualified translation services.

Request a personal quotation

You’re convinced and would like to commission us with a specialised translation right away? Do you have more questions and would like to know whether we are the right partner for your industry and the translation of the text types you require?

We look forward to your enquiry and are happy to put together an individual service package for you!

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